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What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Everyone, thinks about this once in a while and most of the time people say I would purchase a nice car or house. The following thing you would hear is, them wanting to quit their job. But for me the first thing I would ever consider before anything else is traveling for a few months around the world. There is no doubt in my mind about how I would spend that million.

A million would for sure go far in a backpacking style trip, but just imagine all the countries you could explore. It would be an endless adventure, well until you figured it was time to return to reality. As for me, I wouldn’t quit my job, yes that may sound strange to some but I do enjoy my job and after a few months of traveling I would rather return to something than nothing. Nothing meaning in, being bored at home and not doing something during the day. Maybe with a million you could find a day to day routine, but soon that money could run out. Yet, when you travel yes the money disappears too but its towards something truly amazing. Such as memories, meeting new people, learning new traditions, and experiencing something new everyday. Now learning or experiencing something new everyday is really hard, when you are at home surrounded by the same environment 24hours. There is nothing really interesting in that, but only feeling that comfort zone. So why not consider the possibility of traveling and really enjoying life.
Well, if I won a million dollar that is what I would do; Travel!!

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