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Canadian Cuisines

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Our big country is so vast, that telling you we have only a few cuisines would be lying. We have landscapes from wildlife to natural waters that our food ranges from one thing to another. Not only do we have an abundance of land but also many cultures due to the range of diversity among the people.
It is said that a few of the most influential foods around the world take place in many of our Canadian cities, such as Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. In Toronto, we have one of the most popular food markets throughout the country called St. Lawrence Market, where a vast of seafood, meat, cheese, and herbs are among the favourites for locals. As for the market in Montreal called Marche Jean-Talon and the one in Vancouver called Granville, these are Canada’s most popular markets in the country too. Not only do we have a few of the best markets, but we also have many world-class restaurants too. One of the best is called Rouge based in Calgary. This restaurant has renowned chef Michael Dekker, who is famous all around the world. He servers Beet Cured Halibut, Pea shoots salad, among many other great dishes. A few other great Canada Chefs to catch are Chef Normand Laprise located in Montreal and Chef Michael Stadtlander in Toronto. These chefs will make you fall in love with all Canadian cuisines.
As you all know, Canada has a few dishes that should be tried no matter where you are in Canada- East to West. The number one and probably the best-known treat is Maple Syrup. Now this treat is not only great for desserts, breakfast, but also perfect for sauces, dressings, and even cocktails. Yummy. The following dish I would say that is one of the most fatty foods on our Canadian menus, but a goodie too, would be Poutine. It’s well known everywhere in Canada but famous in Montreal. With French fries and cheese soaked in gravy sauce it is one of the most popular dishes in the whole country. Even though it doesn’t sound that appealing. Next would be the Canadian Salmon. One the west coast, salmon can be found anywhere. It is always super fresh and no matter what you will get the best sushi due to this fish. Another seafood that is among Canada’s dishes is Lobster. Yet, the best is known over on the east coast. People in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will tell you how good it is. Since the lobster is caught in colder waters, the lobster is a lot more fresh and delicious.
Now these are only a few of our great Canadian dishes, but be sure to try them all!!!

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