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The Best Rain Forests In The World

1. Costa Rica – the dream forest
Getting wet is all part of the adventure in Costa Rica, since you can find the best planet life right in Central America. There are animals from as big as deer to as little as your finger-nail. Not only are the animals amazing to spot but also the wildlife, such as the famous 3-foot-long flowers called Rafflesia. They are the world’s largest flower.

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2. Peru – The scary trees
Get in the grove by zip lining through scary tress that hang down from meters high where the sun is barely seen. Or spook around inside the enormous tree trunks, you might want to wear something waterproof. Not only wander around trees but also take a gander on a river-boat vessel that will take you through jungle rivers, and fishing for piranhas.

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3. Alaska – Ghostly landscapes
It is America’s largest national forest that holds a variety of landscapes, from flats lands to icy open terrain. The best place to peek at is the Menderhall Glacier, at which you can dogsled, or even take kayaks around the area. But one of the popular tours is seeing the big whales along the coast.

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4. Maui, Hawaii – Magical
This forest is heavenly amazing, with bamboo everywhere, tropical fruit to eat at every stop, and even waterfall pools to take a plunge in every few kms. But one of the most well known waterfall pools is called Oheo Gulch. It is the home of seven sacred pools, so don’t miss this hot spot!

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      • Jun

        A 7 day trip is about a short as you would want to go, but I would go as long as you can afford. The chpeaest way is the traditional backpacking trip. I don’t remember many hostels in South America, but there are plenty of very cheap hotels works out the same. You have to kind of go native, eating in local restaurants, riding on buses and such. It is hard to tell you more unless I knew what your situation was. If you can afford, you should do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Not sure it fits your budget, but no one should go to Peru without doing so. If that means you need to wait until next year then so be it. Believe me, if you go to Peru and not to Machu Picchu, you will regret it until you go back. You need to book that portion through a government registered tour guide as they are the only ones who can take you there.


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