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The Best Cafes in Paris

As the summer approaches, many individuals start hitting up the cafes and beautiful pavement terraces. The sunny days bring more tourists and Parisians to their favorite coffee hangout cafes. But there are only hands full of Cafes in Paris that are extremely popular and where many Parisians will be disappearing.

1.Open all-day and night; this multi-culture café is filled with people all summer long. It is located in the area called Belleville, where once wasn’t the most fancy neighborhood but is now far more interesting than many other areas in Paris. It is an area mixed with a little of French, China, and North African foods. Perfect for those who are traveling and wanting to experience many culture at one.

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2. Chez Prune
One of the hippest parts of Paris better known as Canal Saint-Martin, Chez Prune Café is the central hangout spot. With it located a long side of the canal; the locals always say you need to grab a table outside quickly because it fills up very fast. Since it does have the best coffee is the neighborhood.

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3. Café de Flore
Better known as the best café in Paris and as a Parisian would say, the best café experience. This café is worth the hour of sitting down and enjoying the perfect croissant and coffee. It is the gem in Paris for coffee. So this is a must see café!!!

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