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A Bunny Story

With Easter around the corner, it means that most of us will be busy eating good food and of course, chocolate. But in Canada, the bunny and eggs are a symbols of Easter. But why the bunny?


In Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland refer to the hare as their Easter symbol. While in the US, Canada, UK and Australia refer to the Easter bunny. The hare was a symbol of fertility long before the birth of Jesus but the rabbit only came along in the 1500′s in Germany. From where? No one really seems to know. Other than the fact that the bunny also represent new life and rebirth, there is no other explanation on why the bunny became a symbol of Easter. Ok, maybe because bunnies are nice and fluffy!  Anyhow, so when the Germans immigrated to the US, they brought the bunny to North America.

So what does this mean? Kids love them and it doesn’t look like the bunny is going anywhere anytime soon! Happy Easter!

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