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Do You Have A Travel Journal?

Sundays are usually my cleaning day and as it turned out my cleaning day was a successful one. I happened to come across my old Europe travel journal yesterday. My travel journey wasn’t necessary a daily journal it was more like a tracker of events that occurred during my time abroad. I wanted to remember all the places I found amazing, days that happened to expire me, and cultural events that I attended to. So I thought the best thing to do to remember all those great times, was to write it all down. As it happens to be all those memories traveling around Europe for a year were all documented in my travel journey.

So is a travel journal worth a try?

I totally think so. For the following reasons:

A. It’s easy to keep track in where you have gone and what you have seen over the years.
B. Its perfect for those moments at home, where you feel that travel bug itching again.
C. Its great to tell people your Travel Story and memories in detail with something to show.
D. It’s a great way to start a scrapbook and document each picture into something magical.
E. It’s a way to stay busy whiling traveling on trains, buses, or planes by writing.
F. And it something for you to remember your trip by.

I believe a travel Journey is perfect for those who are traveling for a few months at a time.
Try it and let me know what you think of writing your travel journey.

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  • Prime

    Hi Nara, I always bring my travel journal with me as I need to write to make sense of whatever it is that I’m seeing, feeling or thinking about while on the road.

  • Barbara Wirth

    Your description of your reasons to use a travel journal during your trip tells the before “why” that is the logic we all use.

    Your reasons for why a travel journal is worth a try are all great.

    The other day, when you sat down with your travel journal, did you find yourself back in memorable moments & places? Was it like being there?

    I call that magic!

    If you, or friends want to find a travel journal that’s fun & so user-friendly to jot down things like you did, I invite you to see if the one I have on my website ( might pique your interest & become a best friend on your next trip.

    Thanks for sharing your first-hand experiences, your great advice, & your encouragement for others to try it.


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