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Inspiring moments during traveling

Traveling is filled with inspiring moments and meeting interesting characters. But what you don’t realize is that there are special moments that truly touch you without your complete awareness. Only because after traveling for a period of time you quickly get immune to it. So think hard and was there ever an inspiring moment where you felt completely moved? Luckily enough, I had a few of those moments during my time abroad and there been one particular moment that truthfully wowed me.

I was traveling in Morocco with a few friends at the time and we were almost done our adventure in Africa. The day before we were planned to fly out we decided to see the city of Casablanca and explore a little. Yet, exploring turned out to be more of sightseeing markets filled with food, clothing, and even furniture. It quickly became pretty tiring and we knew it was time to leave and rest it up. So as we were about to leave I quickly sat on a bench to wait for the others. Within seconds this little boy around the age of 10 years old sat right next to me and just stared up at me. At first my impression was oh no, he wants money and I knew I couldn’t do that since it would attract many other children. Although, truly I wanted to help. But no, it was something else. He spoke English to my surprise and said, “ Hi. I said hi back and he smiled. But without any silence he started talking about where he lives and how he helps his mom a lot. And within a few min I was having this inspiring conversation with a 10 year old boy in Casablanca. Mind you, his English wasn’t so clear, but I asked him how he known English. He said from his father. So as you can imagine I was completely shocked in how grown up and smart this small boy was. It was about 10 min that we spoke, but it was one of those conversations at which you will never forget. Something so small like a moment of chatting can really get you put an impression on you.

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