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A hidden Gem

A little island far away from reality is slowly becoming many visitors favorite place in the Caribbean’s. Nevis Island is located near St. Kitts and only a ferry away, but its only now that people are starting to enjoy its amazing beaches.

A few things to do on this Island are:

1. Hike uphill through the tropical amazing rain forest and once you reach the top of Nevis Peak, you will be able to see all the beaches in the surrounding area, turquoise waters, varieties of animals and beautiful terrain.
2. Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens. This is the perfect place to see all several varieties of orchids to rainforest flora. But with this excursion I would for sure add in seeing the Nevisian Heritage village.
3. Don’t forget to go deep-sea fishing, horseback riding along the beach, and sit in a cozy hammock to enjoy the astonishing sunsets.

Where to stay and dine:

1. There is really only one place to truly stay during your stay on this island. It is one of the most famous spots to stay in the Caribbean’s. It is called Nisbet Plantation beach club. This hotel features 36 cottages that all line up to see the view of the ocean and is only a few steps away. This hotel was built in 1778 and has been restored to make it beautiful and completely lovely.
2. A well-named cook and one of the best on the island is where everyone heads off to. It is a little restaurant in a house of a Nevisian. Even Oprah said its one of her favorite places to do while she visits the Island.

So wouldn’t you want to take a vacation to somewhere completely different and remote?
I sure want to visit this Island.

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  • myprojection

    Wow sounds really amazing, but about the stay and dine “It is one of the most famous spots to stay in the Caribbean’s. It is called Nisbet Plantation beach club.” If even Oprah has been there, is it so remote and unknown as you make it sound? Or will one be able to walk around without meeting people every ten steps?


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