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International Film: Im Juli (In July)

What’s better than watching an international movie on a rainy day? Not much! Ok, maybe a nap after watching a movie. With no desire to go out in the rain and feeling kind of lazy, I watched Im Juli (German for In July), a German movie I never previously heard of. With no expectation prior to watching the movie, I now recommend it to all of you who enjoy international movies with a touch of adventure.

Im Juli is about Daniel, a student-teacher who meets Juli at a flea market and decides to follow the sun for love. During his summer vacation, he decides to go on a road trip from Hamburg to Istanbul for a girl. Like all road trips, he finds himself in unexpected situations and needs to deal with them in order to get to his final destination. He meets interesting people along the way that will certainly keep you intrigued.

I particularly enjoyed the movie because just like Daniel, I went on a road trip (mainly by train) in Europe. It was fun to see him go through countries I also visited. And the inconveniences or mishaps that occur on road trips is inevitable, whether it’s a movie or real life! I must admit that I grew fond of international movies in the last year. The last few Hollywood movies I watch didn’t impress me. I don’t know if it’s because stories are often similar to a previous Hollywood movie or if I have a better appreciation for international movies now. If you know any international movies that are good, feel free to recommend them to me. :)

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