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Dubai: Ambition & Vision

Something about Dubai is just magical and it’s not the best hotels in the world, or tallest building, it’s the sheer ambition and vision the Emirates bring to this city. Dubai is a city of creativity that sits in the middle of a desert. Who would have guessed that the most extraordinary man-made structures would be in the middle of a desert? Just to grasp a little glimpse of the city, take a wander at my list below.

Things to do in Dubai:

1. Dubai land: Not yet fully complete, this massive development is made up of hotels, community centers, outlet mall, a resort, golf course, and even a theme park. There will be over 51 hotels among this project. It will be complete finished in 2015.

2. The Grand Mosque: This Mosque consists of nine domes, about 45 smaller domes, and is the city’s tallest minaret. The Grand Mosque is the perfect step to really vision what it’s like to be a local and get a taste of their culture.

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3. Palm Island: This is a very special Island, just because it was man-made but also because you can see it from space. Just over a few years ago, a number of locals moved on to it, but in 2012 it will be completely finished with theme parks, little villas, bridges to the main land, and therefore it will soon be called “The World.” This name also comes due to the attempt to build 300 offshore islands near Dubai.

4. Burj Khalifa: It is the world’s tallest building and within this building it includes, the best hotel in the world (Armani), a fitness centre, malls, and also the world’s highest public observation deck. This deck is at the 124th floor of the building and you can view the entire city from up there.


5. Bastakiya Quarter: Now this is the historic part of the city, with local homes along side of the Dubai Creek. These local homes are something special since wind towers and not air conditioning units cool most of them. This area is something to see while strolling about the famous Dubai Creek.

A few other main attractions are: Jumeirah Beach, Hajar Mountains, take a desert trip, and for sure hop on one of those amazing hot-air balloons.

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  • Sofia - As We Travel

    Dubai seems like a pretty crazy city with all its buildings and man made islands, I’d love to see it with my own eyes some time.

  • Adrian B.

    Even if everything is man made and there are no spectacular natural attractions, I too think that Dubai is well worth a visit, be it just for curiosity.

    • naradb

      Totally. Who wouldn’t want to explore the tallest building in the world, or crazy theme parks. I think it’s a city of the future…. pretty neat. I say. :)


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