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A glimpse of the Hidden City of Sofia

Have you heard of a place called Sofia? I know most of you haven’t well from my knowledge not very many people has ever heard of a little place called Sofia. It is located in Western Bulgaria and sits in the middle of the Balkan Mountains and the Vitosha Mountains. It is the place to truly experience the traditions/cultures of Bulgaria. Even though today, over 1.5 million people live there, but it was once a small city. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe too.

A few things to do while you visit:

1. Central Sofia Synagogue:
It is the largest Sephardic synagogue in Europe and was only built to resemblance a former synagogue in Vienna. It is one of the main attractions within the city limits of Sofia.

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2. Tsurkva Sveta Sofia (Church of Sofia): As old as you can imagine, this church was the source of the city’s name. It was built in the 12th century, but destroyed and built again after an earthquake. But as for today, it is the classic symbol of this city’s flame.

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3. Antique Market: This daily market is filled with many treasures and is the main source of how the locals once lived. Yet, the funny thing is, that there is a very large market within Sofia too that is known as the women market. It is the busiest market for vegetables and fruits, and has been open since the 12th century.

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4. Mineral Baths: Since 1911 this bath has been the most stunning sight in Sofia. It has mosaic domes as the exterior and a visible ceiling. This place is usually closed off to the visitors, but passes can be purchased to view this amazing Mineral Bath.

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A few other things to see in Sofia: Tsentralni Hali (Central Food Halls), Tsurkva Sveta Nedelya (Church of St Nedelya), and the National Art Gallery.

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  • Craig @

    Sofia IS a great little city and that picture (or most pictures) of the church does not do it justice! There’s sometimes an outdoor market nearby – good for magnets, souvenirs, etc.

    And if nightlife isn’t your thing, Vitosha Mountain overlooks the city.. seriously, you can take a short ride on the bus and/or hop on the cable car and climb to the top. :)


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