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2011, Victoria Day – Long Weekend.

The summer season is officially here, but sure as not feeling it. At the moment I feel like I am living in a rainforest, it just hasn’t stopped raining. So this long weekend, I have planned to enjoy the time off as much as possible even if it does rain. Therefore, my boyfriend and I are taking a little road trip up north into the canyons. Well sort of, it’s actually only an hour in a half north of Ottawa and there is this amazing park.

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Chutes Coulongue Park consists of many outdoor activities, but the major one they offer is zip lining. There are a number of series of zip lining routes but it wasn’t until this year that they opened the Canyon Zip Lining route. This line crosses over a high canyon over 300ft long and 115ft high. Pretty amazing. It’s the perfect adventure to do in rain or shine and for sure is going to be a thrilling experience. Although, zip lining is not the only activity to do while surrounded by amazing scenery. Of course I will be taking a hike around the park, the rivers, waterfalls, and trails are pretty amazing to see.
So stay tuned, there will be pictures soon.

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