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My 1st Bike Race… for the Heart & Stroke Foundation

My Fridays are usually pretty random, for the most part. I usually decide last minute what I want to do for the weekend. And this past Friday was random. I purchased a bike, a good bike. Even though I absolutely no nothing about bikes, I decided this year I should bike more often rather than rollerblade everywhere. With this thought, I also made the choice to sign up for a bike race for a charity. I have always dreamed of trying some sort of marathon or triathlon. Now this race isn’t any marathon, but it’s the perfect way to start my journey of experiencing a fun bike race.

So this coming Sunday I am biking in my first race for the 24th annual Heart and Stroke Ride. This ride is to help raise funds for the heart and stroke research. The ride happens to take place in Toronto along the traffic-free DVP and Gardiner Expressway, which happens be the biggest highway entering into the downtown core of the city. So starting on Sunday in early hours of the morning, I start my first race and riding for 50km non stop. Very exciting. Plus this ride is for a very good cause and raising money for my first ride is the perfect start.

So I ask so kindly from you all, if you would like to help me raise money for the Heart and Stroke foundation. And to help encourage me take a leap into my first bike race! Please take a leap with me at : PayPal by just sending it to


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