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The best ways to unwind for little or no cost

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When you are on a cheap backpacking holiday the last thing on your mind would be a spa break but actually they can be very relaxing and do not have to cost a lot. Cheap spa breaks, whether just a day at a spa hotel or a homemade spa break in the hostel you are staying in can be an essential unwind when backpacking gets stressful.

For those who are on a very tight budget there are many ways in which you can relax without spending too much money. Here are a few ideas to help you on your way to relaxation.

The simplest way to relax is to draw the curtains, turn off the lights, light some fragrant candles and lie on the bed with your eyes closed so you can relax and let the stresses of the day evaporate. Cheap essential oils can be added to a warm relaxing bath to soothe and relax weary muscles. A cheap exfoliating scrub will remove dead skin cells and dirt making your skin feel like new. Whilst soaking in the bath why not apply a facemask to help tone up your facial skin. If your accommodation does not have a bath then boil a kettle and pour the boiling water into a bowl, relax your head over the bowl to give yourself a steam room experience without the cost, this will cleanse your pores.

Cheap spa treatments can be found throughout the world, with many public train stations and airports offering relaxing massages whilst you wait for your train or flight. The cheapest of these being the massage chairs that are regularly seen in public waiting rooms around the world. If you can stretch your budget slightly further then many airports have trained masseurs who can give you a quick Indian head massage or foot rub to relax you body and soul before travelling.

If you have a slightly healthier budget then a cheap spa break does not have to be expensive. There are numerous hotels and spas that offer relaxing treatments for day users. These packages include maybe one or two treatments, full use of leisure facilities and a light lunch. Many spas will offer massively discounted prices for last minute bookings and walk in clients. A cheap spa break in a hotel for maybe 1 or 2 nights may be just the right thing to treat yourself to when you are in the middle of a backpacking holiday. Many hotels offer 2 nights’ accommodation with a couple of treatments and full use of their steam rooms, Jacuzzis and leisure facilities as cheap package deals. With a good healthy meal and relaxing treatments taken on board you will be fully recharged ready for the next stage of your adventure. Many hotels offer pamper packages which are greatly reduced in price if taken during the midweek period, with no additional costs for the single traveller.

In conclusion cheap spa breaks do not have to break the bank and rest and relaxation during your backpacking holiday can be achieved even on the most modest of budgets.

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