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Salem – Witch Country

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Back in the day when I was in high school, I took a mini school trip to Boston. Though a long the way one of our stops was visiting Salem. Salem is a small city with only a population of 40,000 that is located in the state of Massachusetts. But what is so significant about this once famous early America seaport town, were the notorious trials of 1692.
These trials were a series of hearings that prosecute people accused of witchcraft. Which is why Salem is a city known for witches. Although, now it is a thriving community that still carries many of those witch practices to this day.

Here are a few things you need to explore when you visit the city of Salem:

1. Old Burying Point Cemetery – It is historically known as the old burying Point burial ground. Also known as the second oldest burial grounds in the U.S.

2. Salem Witch Memorial – It is located adjacent to Old Burying Point Cemetery and is known for 9pm scary witch story – tours. You can listen to many stories of what happened in 1692 and hear the rich history about the city.

3. Nightmare Factory – If you want to be scared, definitely check this place out. It is one factory/-haunted house that will freak you out. It’s a lot of fun.

4. Phillip House – Want to grab a taste of history back in the day, then take a peek at this house. It is a historic house that is opened to the public and the tour will tell you a few tales about what this house holds.

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