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Week-End Road trip in Hampton Beach

While some like to enjoy a long week-end quietly at home, others like me are in a car driving to a destination. This year, I decided to spend Canada Day at Hampton Beach (New Hampshire, US). With no expectations, we were 4 girls in a car driving for almost 6 hours to enjoy some sun, beach and adventure in Hampton Beach. Where to begin? Safe car ride, check. Hotel with ocean view, check. Cheap alcohol, check. Sand and ocean, check.

The sun was shining when we arrived to our hotel, The Atlantic Sands. Although our room was a little small for 4 girls with luggage, we had a fabulous view of the ocean from our balcony. Our room was on Ocean Blvd, a street filled with action at all times of the day. The beach itself is nothing compared to Thailand but hey, you can’t be too picky when you live on the East coast of North America. So we made the best of it! The water was rather cold but let me tell you that when the sun was shining non-stop on your skin, that water felt awesome! The beach was extremely packed because of the July 4th weekend. There must have been about a million people on the beach. I’m not kidding!

So what was our biggest adventure of the weekend? Definitely the unexpected arrival of 4 friends and our encounter with three Brazilian families who of course, were cooking something good on the bbq and drinking cachaca. After some good laughs, we ate at this fantastic restaurant called Ron’s Landing restaurant. It was by far one of the best restaurants in the area. I must admit that I was a little disappointment with the food on the main strip. Everything was full of butter, oil or deep fried. Let’s just say I’m not accustomed to eating this way. I was far away from my greek yogurt and fresh fruit snack. But, thankfully we found Ron’s Landing resto on our last night there so we enjoyed some real yummy food.

Best moment of the trip? Definitely waking up early and sipping fresh brewed coffee on the balcony with my friend Sharon while watching people slowly make their way to the beach. There were also plenty of joggers which put in the mood. And so, I wore whatever I could find, put on my running shoes and went jogging for about 45 mins. By the time I got back, the girls were all awake and we made our way to breakfast before spending a hot day at the beach.

What can’t you leave Hampton beach without? Salt water taffy candy! If you haven’t heard of taffy candy, it’s a chewy candy (like toffee) made with various flavors (banana, strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon, spearmint, etc). You can’t leave the East coast without buying salt water taffy!

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