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A Taste of Vietnam

Once in a while on my lunch breaks from work, I try eating something different. Usually I go for sushi since I love it so much, but lately I have been trying a few Vietnam dishes. Even though I am still in my home country, I find trying many different cuisines is always fun. Though one of the best parts about traveling that I seem to love, is actually trying the many different kind of dishes other countries offer. Most of time they are incredible yummy, yet you do come across a few wild ones.
So as a newbie with eating Vietnam food, I decided to go with trying a few dishes that are very popular.

1. PHO – this dish has to be one the best those cold, chilly afternoons. I love it! It’s actually pronounced “fur”. It consists of chicken or beef that cooks itself in a complex, tasty broth. There are usually lots of noodles, lime, onions, and green peppers in it to. There are many different kinds of Pho, but this is the most typical one.

2. BUN CHA – This dish is perfect for those summer lunches. It’s made of sweet fish sauce broth with a fragrant of many herbs that are mix with gilled pork burgers. So good.

3. CH CA LA VONG – A great dish for dinner. It consists of sticky noodles with grilled fish, roasted peanuts, fish sauce and many onions that are cooked so softly. It’s a dish with not only lots of protein but also great way to fill you up.

These are the dishes I have tried so far, any I can’t get enough of it. So I can only imagine how great these dishes would be in the land of Vietnam.

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