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What Reality Shows do I Want to be In?

With reality television taking over traditional shows, its becoming increasingly difficult not to get addicted. I must admit that I never really liked them but there are two new reality shows that are getting my attention.


Expedition Impossible

Expedition Impossible is a new reality TV show on ABC. You have a number of teams of 3 that need to overcome expedition-type of challenges across deserts, mountains and rivers in Morocco to reach the finish line. There are 10 stages to complete, where teams get eliminated along the way.

Although it seems very challenging, this show is definitely one I’d love to participate in! Every day is different and you really need to push your body and mental state to the limit in order to get to the finish line first.


Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild is a new reality show on NBC. 10 single men and 1o single woman pair up in every show to overcome outdoorsy challenges in Costa Rica. At the end of every show, the winners send one night at the Oasis, a luxurious bungalow while one pair of singles go home.

I came across it a few weeks ago and corniness aside, I really like the fact that it takes place outdoors! The traditional love related reality shows don’t really put the contestants in difficult situations. Love in the Wild does just that! You really need to like the be able the stand the partner you’re with to be able to build rafts, run across forests and climb mountains. And of course, it’s romantic!

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