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Well Hello there…. WINE COUNTRY

Any time, any day, the Okanagan Valley offers an abundance of activities and attractions for everyone. But what is so amazing about this place is the amount of wineries you can chose from. There are over 20 different wineries to stubble upon and most of them are family owned businesses that have been around for centuries. You can easily take a mini trip and ditch everything, even your car and just bike around the wineries. With so much freedom and endless bike trails the Okanagan Valley is a perfect getaway from a busy life. You can easily bike through hilly vineries, and beautiful landscape the over looks lakes and small towns. But, what is so exciting about biking around the Valley is stopping by wineries and learning the inside scoop of the local’s favourite wines. With enjoying a few complimentary wine samples too. After a few hours of biking and wine tasting, the next best thing is to enjoy the regions passion for organic foods. Almost everything in the Okanagan Valley is grown within the local farmers. With much organic crops grown there, an overflow of many great local chefs around the Valley. That being said, having a glass of wine and having dinner in wine country is a dream come true!There is nothing like a little wine therapy and dining in the Okanagan to soothe the senses!

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