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The best adrenaline rushes in the world

The world is as exciting as you make it. You can be kicking back on a beach sipping cocktails one day, and be jumping out of a plane the next. We’ve got theme parks and spas, bikes and fast cars, goldfish and sharks. Everybody enjoys the world in different way, but if dodgems and rollercoasters just aren’t enough for you, then you might want to try these knuckle-whitening suggestions from

Sky diving – Taupo, New Zealand, Courtesy of Grace A

One of the classic adrenaline rushes on the menu in one of the best spots on the planet. The views in Taupo, New Zealand, will give you as big a rush as you’ll get from the dive itself. With tandem flights available, you’ll hurtle towards the ground at speeds of over 60m/s with little or no control over what happens. A tandem flight, for the first time at least, is a bigger adrenaline rush than going solo, since you have to put your entire trust in a person you’ve known for no more than half an hour.

White water rafting – Zambezi River, Zimbabwe, Courtesy of Chris Jensen

The Victoria Falls have some of the most brutal and downright violent waters in the world, which is precisely why it is such an outstanding place for white water rafting. You’ll get thrown around like a ragdoll and you can consider it an achievement if you manage to stay in the raft, since these white waters will almost certainly leave you with white knuckles.

Climbing a glacier – Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina, Courtesy of Matthew H

Recently featured on the BBC’s Wonders of the Universe, the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most striking natural phenomena in the world. There are trekking trips you can take up and along the popular glacier, but if you really want to get your heart pumping, then you can do a 65ft ‘ice climb’ up the side of it and ‘ice abseil’ back down again. Climbing equipment is provided with the opportunity to feast your eyes and challenge your fear.

Bungee jumping – Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge (USA), Courtesy of Larry G

One of the bridges that helped spread bungee jumping across the globe, the Royal Gorge is still just as popular today. In 1980, members from the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club in England came to jump from the bridge after getting arrested for jumping from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The heart-in-the-mouth activity is now one of the most popular adrenaline challenges available.

Running with the bulls – Pamplona (Spain), Courtesy of Kasi

Get bruised and battered by the horns of a dozen angry beasts in the streets of Pamplona, the most famous location for the Running of the Bulls. The event is broadcast live by national television channels and is open for anybody to take part, although not everybody always makes it to the end – participants have been gored to death in past runs. To be honest, it beggars belief as to why anybody would even consider this utter lunacy, but the rush it gives you, especially if you come out unscathed, is, it seems, matchless.

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