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Last Minute Cruises- Do or Don’t?


I can give advice on backpacking, what places to visit, how to travel from point A to B and so on. But I know absolutely nothing cruises (especially last-minute cruises). Probably because they don’t inspire me all that much. I see it as an artificial way to visit places as well as it being overpriced for what you see. But… since I’ll be in Florida for my best friend’s wedding in October (woohoo), I decided to give it a shot! I was never opposed to trying it but I would have never been willing to pay over 1,000$ for a flight + cruise. But since I’ll be in the Miami area, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to experience my first cruise.

I’m a bit of a last-minute traveler. Although I always have my flights booked, I normally don’t plan what I’m doing when I’m visiting cities. I like to keep it open. Mainly because I hate being on a schedule when I’m on vacation. It’s a vacation for god’s sake!  Anyhow, so about this cruise. I’m not quite sure what’s the best way to get a deal? Can I just show up at the port in Miami the day of and hop on the boat? If not, how much in advance should I book? What are affordable cruise lines ($$ vs quality)? My timeline is from Monday to Saturday. Any suggested routes?

Any advice on last minute cruises would be much appreciated!

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