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The Bruce Peninsula…what you haven’t heard.

Only a few months ago, I took a mini four-hour drive with my boyfriend to hike a trail that I found out today is one of Canada’s longest trails. The Bruce Peninsula.

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It is located in Southern Ontario and about 400km away from Toronto. It is the tip between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. With over 150 km’s of hiking trails, The Bruce Peninsula is the perfect place to start a hiking adventure. The closest township to the National park is Tobermory. More known as the Georgian Bay Gem. It is one of those places were travel experts, birder watchers, expeditions, rock climbers, and photographers worship due to it’s natural settings. There are miles of breath taking cliffs that are apart of the Niagara Escarpment to explore. But, what is so amazing about this National Park in Canada, is that it contains some of Eastern-North American’s Oldest living trees. More known as the “cliff dwelling” white cedar. There are many of these trees along the side of trails.

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Many people aren’t aware in how close a great hiking trail is. To just get away from the city for one day, and be surrounded by wildlife is sometimes what we all need. So for those days, when you are “people out” and need some quiet time, I would definitely recommend hiking these trails. The coast line of Georgian Bay is majestic and during the summer months you will notice sea green waters and hidden caves. It’s a great place to start an mini adventure.

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