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Fun Facts on Exercising


I, admittedly take it for granted that my health is great and that’s the main reason I can travel the world carefree. You can always find money, but your health must come along with it to enjoy countries around the world. To increase my chances of staying healthy as I travel from country to country, I invest quite some time in exercising. That’s why I’m dedicating this post to interesting facts about exercising.

Did you know that it’s not about how long your exercise but at what intensity?

I sometimes see people working out while texting or talking on the phone. Or they’ll have conversations between every rep. And those people are most often those who complain about their weight. Being present at the gym doesn’t clear you from working out unfortunately. It’s not about how long you workout but at what intensity you’re working out. If you only have 20 mins but workout to your max, it will be as  good of a workout than someone who worked out for an hour at medium intensity. To achieve intensity, you need to give it all you’ve got during the time you’ve got! Interval training is a great way of achieving this.

Did you know that the worst exercise are sit-ups and the best are lunges?

Sit-ups was voted the worst exercise because most people don’t do them properly. They run into more chances of hurting their neck than getting the right results in the abdominal area. The best is by far the lunge because you’re working multiple muscles of your body.

Did you know that if you don’t exercise regularly, you’ll lose close to 80% of your muscle mass by the time your 65?

Yup… it gets increasingly difficult to keep your muscle mass as you get older. That explains why older people are thinner and weaker. What you do today will definitely help you as you get older. So for those of you who have plans to travel when you retire, make sure to stay healthy until you get there :)

Did you know that you can always find time to exercise during the day?

Most people complain how they don’t have enough time to workout because of the long work schedule, the kids, etc. But there’s always time to workout during the day. You need to find it for yourself. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. If you drop something on the floor, pick it up while doing a squat instead of bending down and adding strain to your back. Take a walk or a jog during your lunch hour.

All in all, it’s important to learn to love exercising. It will take some time. But it’s a matter of trying different programs or classes until you find the right one for you. Once you start, you’ll enjoy the benefits of it and you’ll want to continue training and pushing yourself to the next level. And this will give you the energy to travel around the world and keep your body strong when you visit countries with less facilities. It’s a win-win situation!

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