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I’m going on a cruise!

While Nara is busy planning her upcoming trip to Peru, I decided to opt for a planning-free vacation instead by booking a cruise to the Bahamas and the Keys. Cruises have never been a priority in terms of travel but given the opportunity, why not try it?

So what’s on the menu? A flight to Florida for my best friend’s wedding (woohooo!). While I’m there for 3.5 days, the plan is to party in Miami, spend time calming her before the big day and then party some more at the wedding among friends and family. Following the next morning’s brunch with the newlyweds, off I go to the port in Miami and hop on a cruise. I always thought my first cruise would be in the Mediterranean with my future husband or something like that. A lovely cruise in the Greek islands with a few stops in Turkey. But as we know, we can never plan out our life and we shall take the opportunities as they arise. Which means I’ll be spending my first cruise with my parents. A mini family vacation could be fun too! Initially I thought of taking a road trip down the Keys for a few days. But having done so many road trips in the last few years, I decided to opt for a cruise and try something different instead. It was a good deal for a 4-day cruise and I get to visit two new places, the Keys and the Bahamas. Since this is considered an extension to a wedding trip, the option sounded great. I can’t wait to eat all the food and simply relax! In terms of planning, I need to think about buying travel insurance since I’ll be in the US and it’s the last place I would want to get sick. I could consider a single trip travel insurance  in this case since it’s a relatively short trip and a one-time deal.

If I had the choice of planning a vacation, I probably wouldn’t be going on a cruise. I’d be going to Malaysia and Indonesia! Or maybe Ethiopia. Or Mongolia :) But life is all about trying new things, right? And… there is always next year for the backpacking trip.

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