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The ultimate deep-fried experience

It wasn’t until yesterday, where I decided to experience Canada’s largest annual community event, the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Before even entering the fair, my first thoughts were fried food. I always thought that the CNE was just about trying the up-most craziest fried food there is to experience. Yes, it’s mostly true, but there is also much more than just experiencing the variety of commercial products. It was about enjoying the entertainment and events that the fair offered too.

The CNE offers shows such as the strong man show, the human cannonball, the flow-rider, and the skating/acrobatic show. The skating/acrobatic show was what impressed me. I had no idea that the CNE offered such good quality shows. They even had the Canadian Olympian Joannie Rochette join the skating show.

Every year, the CNE offers some sort of a new fried food. This year the two main deep fried dishes were deep-fried Cola and the Crispy crème doughnut burger. Of course every person who walks through the gates of the CNE wants to experience these insane deep-fried dishes. And of course I was one of them. Well, I could only go as far as trying the deep-fried Cola, the doughnut burger looked a little nasty to me. I couldn’t bring myself to try a 2000 calories meal. I think my body would go into shock after eating a hefty type of meal like that.

My first impression of the deep-fried Cola was what is “THAT”. It looked like long strips of very burnt bacon, but tasting like burnt cookies. Overall it wasn’t like any Cola I have experienced before. As for the doughnut burger, well at first I thought who in the world would eat something so crazy. Funny thing is, the line up was huge! Most of the people in the line up were men, but still. A burger that contains, cheese, egg, bacon, onion, lettuce, and on top of that two Crispy crème doughnuts sounds like heart-attack waiting to happen. But who knows, maybe this burger is yummy.☺

After capturing the scenes of people eating, I decided to go on a ride, the Ferris wheel. I am not a big fan for rides at the CNE, but I do love the Ferries Wheel. I feel like the kid inside me comes out. Love it. As the day slowly came to an end, I think my first visit to the CNE was an entertaining one.

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