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Getting back into the SWING of Backpacking…..

After all this planning and booking for Peru, I realized I have to get back into the swing of my backpacking ways. It’s been actually a long time since I have just “wing it”. It’s crazy how time passes so quickly. My last backpacking adventure was Argentina and Chile. Scary thought, knowing that was over 2 years ago! Back in the day I always kept up with the one BIG backpacking trip per year. But with life getting so busy, it’s so easy to ask where the time went. At least the small trips are always there, with 3 under my belt this year; Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Chicago. I shouldn’t really complain but ekkk….. two years of not wandering around a country is a LONG time for me!

Since it has been so long since backpacking for me, I decided to book most of the hostels, trains, and tours ahead of time. Just to feel that extra safety net, but at the same time I hope planning so far in advance won’t hinder any random fun activities. A few things I had to book in advance, such as the train to Machu Picchu and the entrance fee. I was so excited yesterday because I got one of the last booking spots to experience the sunrise on Huayba – Machu Picchu. Limited amounts of people are allowed to climb up to Huayba to see the sunrise at 7:30am. And I got one of the spots! WHOOOOO. With that being said, I also booked a tour in the Amazon for two nights. It’s a kayaking tour, which will be interesting considering I rarely kayak. So with a few booked activities underway the next step is figuring out what to bring. The weather is suppose to mildly warm in most areas of Peru, but I was told that Puno can reach negative five during the evenings. That won’t be so enjoyable since I haven’t been in cold weather for the past four months. My backpack will have to be neatly organized with lots of cool wear, hiking gear, and a few jackets for those cool nights. I must keep in mind that for most of this trip I will be in the outback and enjoying the nature things. It’s not one of my typical adventures, where many cities are apart of the journey.
If anyone knows, what the ideal backpacking gear would be to bring for my trip to Peru in October, write me a quick email. I would love to hear your ideas and advice.

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