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My Peru Purchase


Only three more weeks until our Peru trip! Getting so excited! Since the trip is slowly creeping on us we decided to do a little shopping spree yesterday. We went over to the states to look for some cheap but good quality out-door wear.

The last few weeks, I have been on the hunt for some waterproof gear. Only because we are leaving for Peru in early October, and the Peru season will be slowly transforming to it’s wet season.

November – April: Wet season

April  – November: Dry season

So since we are going right between the two seasons. I thought it would be best to get some waterproof gear for the Amazon. I have been looking for something breathable but completely waterproof too. I have looked everywhere within Toronto, but all I could find was somewhat waterproof (rain resistant) or jackets that had a price range between $200 – 500 dollars. A little out of my budget for a waterproof jacket, but as it happened to be I had some luck come my way yesterday during our shopping spree in the states.

My boyfriend and I walked into an outdoor store that was having a small sale. This store was pretty expensive, but I thought there was no harm in looking though the sale racks. After a 10 minutes of looking my boyfriend mentioned that he found a Gore-Tex jacket for only $119. My first thought was GET IT and right afterwards I found the same one but in a different colour. I was shocked. I have always wanted a Gore-Tex jacket. They are the best for waterproof and windproof wear. But the problem is they usually cost between $200- 500 dollars. I knew $119 was a great deal!

Anyone who is a big hiking junkie would know that anything created out of Gore-Tex fabric is worth having. It’s a fabric that is created with textiles that are sealed with such high-performance that no water will enter no matter how much rain touches the jacket. Compared to an average rain resistant fabric that is not rain proof. There is actually a waterproof rating system that measures the amount of rain certain fabrics can endure.

For example:

  • 0mm – Not waterproof. (Screen doors)
  • 0m – 1000mm – rain resistant and not completely waterproof. (Soft-shell clothing)
  • 1000mm – 5000mm – rainproof but not waterproof under any pressure. (Walking around in a rain resistant jacket – you will soon be wet)
  • 5000mm – 15,000mm – This is completely waterproof but will leak after a few hours of heavy water pressure.  (Sitting in the rain for a while)
  • 15,000 – 30,000mm – Is completely waterproof and even under major rainfall. This is where Gore-Tex Fabric fits in.
  • 35,000mm – Higher – Solid waterproof. (This would be like a sports water bottle)

So can you can see my shopping spree ended up being very successful after this purchase. I was happy to find it for such a great price. Plus I now feel safe, knowing mosquitoes won’t bite me if I keep this jacket on even though I will be taking the Malaria pills.

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