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Saint Pierre and Miquelon


A few days ago I came upon an article about three small islands, that I actually had no clue even existed. You would think being a Canadian and all that I would have known that a few islands around Newfoundland existed. Although, the funny thing is these tiny collection of islands are not apart of Canada. They are apart of the country of France.
These islands are located about 25km away from the coast of Fortune, Newfoundland. They can be accessible by a short ferry ride and among the Canadian locals of N.L, these islands are a lovely easy vacation spot. With only a small population of 7,000 people, the New France Colonial is a bustling busy place. Today the residents of these islands rely heavily on government jobs, tourism and of course seafood.
The main island, yet the smallest has a town called St.Pierre where it is the most populated. What is so popular about this island rather than the other islands are the  homes. They are decorated with much colour and charm. Also many tourists go for the well name bakeries and seafood restaurants.
What is so interesting about this small community is the history. Back during the prohibition days- 1920′s, most of the fishing docks were being used a shipping stations for all the distribution of alcohol across North America. Many Europeans fled to this island to work at the docks during this time of crisis.
As it being part of the European Union, these islands work on the Euro dollars and only speak French. The people still to this day keep all the French traditions alive through summer festivals, amazing food, and their native language.
This is a place totally worth seeing if you enjoy French dishes, local culture and a friendly atmosphere.

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