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The BIG Destruction

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For many years now scientists have discovered the changes in the amount of icebergs’ significantly melting quicker each year. The loss of ice is continuing to increase and studies has reported that this summer the Arctic Sea is a prime example of climate change. The dramatic changes in the oceans are only one aspect of global warming. After this summer, scientists have reported that this year was the second highest summer of ice loss. Over 40 – 50 percent of the icebergs’ thickness decreased. At the end of each summer, scientists monitor levels of ice loss around our global and just over a week ago the results shocked many. Even though scientists have been monitoring the levels of ice loss since the early 1980’s, no one really have considered to scare people of the damage we are causing. Not only are the icebergs melting, but also so many other great landmarks are changing due to the climate change.

Global warming is damaging some of the most amazing natural sights in the world. One being the Amazon and the animals who call the Amazon home. Many of the coral reefs around the world are starting to be band from people sighting seeing. Even forests across the world are facing water shortages. A huge water shortage is happening in China; the Yangtze River. Where tones of wild salmon are dying everyday. Yet, what is really horrible is not only global warming impacting our earth, but also the people. Many people around the world are feeling the pressure of the climate change. Africa is the number one at the moment, is that is living through some of the most natural changing ever experienced. The drought is killing thousands daily and only one cause is the source of this.

Many people are trying to take action to stop the climate change and the pressure is on to take meaningful steps to protect us, and the natural wonders of the world. Many people study this type of field from online masters degree programs (often through biomedical engineering schools). Although, really only a very small-scale of the number of people around the world are making changes. The thought of not be able to see a wonder of the world because of the climate change is sad. We should not be running to race against climate change.

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