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Travel Morocco

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When you travel to Morocco you are traveling to a place where a blend of cultures, style and hospitality is among the local people. The spirit of the people is what makes Morocco so magical. Even though you might feel that the people will be curious about you, they are only trying to lend a hand and be giving.

During my stay in Morocco a few years ago, I not only found myself culture shocked but also very surprised in how welcoming the locals were towards an outsider. For Tangier being my first stop in Morocco and better known as one of the most troubled cities in Northern Africa, I never felt unsure of the local’s thoughtfulness. They were never threatening it was simply just noticeable in how difficult it was for Moroccans to think of a women traveling alone. Even though Morocco has become a well-established backpacker getaway, many people still feel nervous about traveling there. It’s understandable that people feel uneasy considering how much communication information around the world focuses on Morocco’s negative aspects, such as harassment, insulting statements, piercing stares and extreme questions. Yet, these characteristics can also be found in many other countries too. I found that being a traveler in Morocco and in any other country, that once you respect their culture and show it, all those concerns disappear. One of the best ways to travel in Morocco and feel comfortable is to dress appropriately. Wear a shawl, long trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Try to avoid anything like tank tops, or short cut skirts, as it will draw attention and disturb many of the locals. Even go into a local shop or wander the medina in Fez to find a more suitable outfit to wear and blend in with the locals. They rather see you dress like them, then you wearing clothing that doesn’t fit in their culture.

Morocco is also a wonderful place to travel in real luxury, considering how cheap it is. Hostels are very rare since 4 star hotels are very inexpensive and bringing a family to stay will cost almost nothing.  Not only solo backpacker’s stay in hotels and try the “new” Morocco all-inclusive hotels, but also families who can enjoy more the relaxing beach resort feeling, roof top patios, mint tea, and Moroccan music. Morocco all-inclusive holidays for families are becoming very well-known for many Europeans. Since it is a very short flight over to a wonderful place to see natural beauty, learn about religion and their ancient culture. It’s a great place to get your Africa adventure started.

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  • Jana Pekova

    Morocco is safe country to travel for single female travelers, families with small children. It makes me sad and angry to read the travel advisories of some governments guiding travelers not to travel to Morocco as being it unsafe country, target of terrorist attacks. We had some travelers that has cancelled their book trips to Morocco due to these false information. I live 9 months of the year in Morocco and feel much safer here, then strolling the streets of New York. In New York every something happens, and no one even cares. In Morocco it is the opposite people are very hospitable and friendly and don’t look for any trouble. In case you are in need of help, there are there for you to assist you and help you in any possible way. Morocco is safe and wonderful country to explore and there is no surprise why 9 million tourists visited this diverse country.


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