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Go Global: Work, Study, Volunteer, Travel Expo

This year, Nara and I attended our first Go Global expo in Toronto and Montreal. Go Global is an expo about work, study, volunteer and travel abroad, organized by Verge Magazine. This is the first year I heard about the expo and decided to sign up to see what it’s all about. The main part of the event was the expo. There were over 15 booths, from universities, volunteer programs, work abroad programs, governmental tourism department and travel insurance companies. All provided useful information and it was a great event to make contacts and talk about travel. It’s an event I would have loved to know about when I was still a student. As a student, you have much more flexibility in terms of traveling and working/volunteering abroad. But, any age group interested in traveling can benefit from the event.

Although the main event was the expo, they also organized separate networking events which turned out to be the most interesting part of it all. I attended a networking cafe that included a few guests from various companies or NGO’s such as Oxfam, Foreign Affairs Canada, University of Ottawa, Norwegian Cruise Line and much more! The guests gave a brief intro of their background and we then had the opportunity to talk to them. It was nice to hear from others and learn about how they got where they are. The networking event lasted over an hour and turned out to be a great mingling event.

Overall, it was a great event and I recommend it to all of you who are interested in working, studying, volunteering or traveling abroad. You’ll leave with lots of information! Keep an eye out for next year’s even on the Verge Magazine website.

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