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Backpacking in the American National Parks

For backpackers eagerly looking out for a new challenge, can there really be any better destination than the States? With very reasonable flights to Americajust a click away on sites such as, the hiking and backpacking experiences to be had are exhilarating and inspiring.

When it comes to the incredible range of National Parks across the country, there is no doubt that the gold standard has to be Yellowstone. In the summertime, tourists from all over the States – indeed the world – descend on the famous park and pack into its boundaries. However if you take a trip in the winter, you’ll find it incredibly peaceful, with great opportunities to discover local wildlife, try your hand at skiing and snow-shoeing, even perhaps find yourself treated to a view of the park’s thermal features all by yourself.

However for somewhere far less well-trodden, why not head over to Utah? Among the state’s raw quintet of desert parks is Capitol Reef, one of the least well-known.  Attracting nothing like the kind of crowds that Yellowstone or the large national parks bring in year on year, you’ll enjoy the relative tranquillity of the sublime landscape, and get to enjoy days of hiking whilst you’re there. The Upper Muley Twist comes highly recommended by seasoned backpackers.

Elsewhere in Utah is the Zion National Park, well-known for the Narrows hike along the Virgin River, taking in its awe-inspiring gorge. A popular day hike among those in the know.

For a profoundly different landscape however, head to the Glacier National Park in Montana – your best chance to find a grizzly bear on mainland USA. With the most impressive part of the Rocky Mountains outside Canada, you’ll get to enjoy a great hiking experience here.

Down in the American southwest meanwhile, head for Canyonlands National Park where you’ll get to see the iconic image of the stark deserted Wild West and go walking through the unique atmosphere it offers its visitors.

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