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The ultimate experience in the JUNGLE; Anaconda Lodge

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I took a journey over to the jungle area of Puerto Maldonado, Peru. We had no idea what to expect, but once we reached the riverside of Madre De Dios we were mesmerized by how vast, magical, and colourful the region appeared. We passed by indigenous communities, palm-thatched huts, and dozens of local food stands. We were so amazed that as we continued up river and deeper into the forest by bus, we knew that this was going to be an extraordinary experience.

The place we stayed at was called Anaconda Lodge. It is located fairly close to all the major tourist attractions in Puerto Maldonado, and they arranged our kayaking trip into the jungle. We wanted a jungle tour that would offer us the ultimate experience of seeing various wildlife and giving us the chance to indulge ourselves in an outdoor adventure. We found out that the Anaconda lodge offered just that with its experienced expeditions that focused towards independent guided tours to several of the best parts of the jungle within the Puerto Maldonado region. The kayaking tour contained an all-inclusive package that contained two guided tour leaders, two nights of accommodation (one camping and the other in the eco-lodge), all meals and transportation to and from the airport.

When we started our guided kayak trip onto the river, we both were a bit nervous since it was our first real wildlife outdoor adventure. The tour leaders were so amazingly helpful and skilled, that within an hour of kayaking we felt so lucky to have been led into the JUNGLE! We were spotting caiman, monkeys, and flocks of parrots, parakeets and macaws. Sitting in our kayaks, we were soaking up the sounds of the wildlife which was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced on my travels. As we paddled for a few more hours, the tour leaders finally found a great spot to pitch the tents for the night. It was an island made up of mostly sand and a few rocks. We were located right in the middle of the river. The plan was to

have the camp set up before sunset at 6pm and then later in the evening go back out on the kayaks to spot more caimans, since caimans usually come out during the night. But before camp set up, we decided to try a bit of fishing. I found it difficult to catch anything, but it was fun to go fishing in the jungle. And as the evening came around, we went out searching for caimans. It was such a thrill, that all my nerves disappeared and as the evening came to an end, we both knew that the adventure was already one of the best! The next morning the tour leaders woke us with hot coffee, and a great little breakfast to get us started for our journey back into the city. But once we started our journey down the river, we couldn’t believe how fast the river was moving. It felt like we were gliding across the water. It was only once we looked at the shore, did we realize how relatively fast we were traveling. We did stop a few times to parrot watch and listen to the jungle sounds. It was incredible how many parrots there are in the jungle and each of them are so colourful.

The kayak journey down stream didn’t take us very long and by the time it was lunch we were back in the city limits. Our guides took us back to the lodge and as we arrived our lunch was ready for us. It was amazing how friendly, nice, and quick the staff was at the Anaconda lodge. The staff was always there to help you with any needs or anything at all. It was great to feel so welcomed and relaxed. Once we finished lunch the staff generously helped us carry our bags over to our private lodge. “WOW”, was my first impression when I saw the private lodge. It was gorgeous. Not only did it include our own balcony with hammocks, but also a private tiled very clean bathroom. Everything was exquisite and comfortable. The mosquito net engulfing the bed also made it very relaxing to fall asleep. Every time I went to explore the lodge and its surroundings, I was renewed in my feelings of relaxation with nature.

Anaconda lodge includes great service, an outdoor pool, local monkeys (who are so friendly and who enjoy playing with humans), great Thai food (Actually the best Thai food I have ever experienced), but also one of the best places to get away from the busy and bustle. The lodge accommodation didn’t only offer modern comforts, but with its mosquito netting throughout the private cabins, everything was quite charming. With each private lodge including a private balcony and lovely clean tiled showers it was all above and beyond my expectations. For me it was what I called a real place to have a true holiday. 

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