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4 night, 3 day Cruise to the Bahamas and Key West

Where to begin writing about my first experience on a cruise? I guess I can start by admitting that everything I thought I’d enjoy from the cruise, I enjoyed. If there is one thing I enjoy most (after traveling), it’s definitely food. And well, you definitely eat well on a cruise, any cruise! On the Majesty of the Sea, they offered two types of dining options: first being the ‘A la Carte’ menu which offers delicious and a daily of variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts. You can order as much as you want, although once you order one of each, you’re full! The second option is ‘buffet style” which offers a variety amount of food in a self-serve environment. I must admit that I never really ate there because I prefer the sit down option. Other than the good food, the next best thing is waking up somewhere different every morning. It’s a perfect option for those who love the beach. The cruise will bring you to a new beach and different scenery every day! It was a nice surprise every morning. The beaches in the Bahamas were beautiful and even more beautiful were the locals. They were so nice that I would have loved to spend more time hanging out with them. Our one day stop in Key West was also very fun! I got to walk around the cute town and stop in a Peter Lik gallery. That made it all worth it! We were also able to find conch fritters here, a traditional plate from the Bahamas! Yum!

During my 4-night stay on the boat, I managed to get into somewhat of a routine during the short time I was there. Because I was in bed relatively early at night, I was up by 7am in the morning. I would wake up and head straight for the gym, climbing 10 flight of stairs on my way there. I worked out for about 45 mins every day before heading to breakfast. My breakfast was filled with pastries, egg omelets and yogurt with granola. Oh man did I not feel guilty about eating it all! It pretty much kept me full until dinner.

That pretty much sums up the positive things about the cruise. And unfortunately, they are not enough to make me want to do it again. Not until I can’t walk anyway. Although it was great to wake up in a different place every morning, it inevitably translated into long line-ups to get off the boat or when entering the US, it meant passing customs again. It normally took at least 30 mins to get off the boat and that was easily doubled when we were required to pass customs. Once we were off the boat, it was all good. We had the entire day to enjoy but on the flip side, we were on a schedule because the boat would leave with or without us at a specific time. It meant that we didn’t have time to truly enjoy a place. I felt like it was a very superficial way to visit a city or beach. On the flip side, it’s a great way to see different places and then pick where you would like to spend more time. So anyhow, once we were back on the boat, let’s just say I wasn’t drinking too much because drinks are darn expensive. If you want to party, an all-inclusive option at a resort is definitely a better option. Once dinner had passed, I was a little bored. I’m not much of a gambler or shopper and quite frankly, the entertainment on the boat didn’t really appeal to me. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m used to traveling to a country and really immersing myself in it. On the boat, you feel like you’re watching american tv which I can do from home really.

I do recommend the boat to anyone who wants to be on vacation effortlessly. If you like being served and paying a lot of $$ for it, than it’s a great option for you. I personally wouldn’t pay that much to pass by a bunch of place. I rather see less but experience more.

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