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Four Tips for a Cheap Family Holiday in France

France is a great destination for a family holiday. You can enjoy family bike rides through the stunning French countryside, take in a bit of culture, maybe head to the beach for some surfing, and of course sit down together for some delicious French cuisine. Activities and excursions are the cornerstone of family holidays, so it can sometimes be tricky to keeping the cost down. Here are four tips for a cheap family holiday in France.

Go Dover to Calais

Driving down to the ferry port and onto the ferry immediately conjures images of the perfect family holiday; and for those looking to save a little money it really can be perfect. The most popular and cheapest way to get across the channel remains the Dover to Calais ferry, and can take as little as 90 minutes of travelling time before you’re touching down on French soil.

Head away from the crowds

Family holidays are all about exploring and being in the open space. Whether you’re looking for this to be in the countryside or on the beach, you can rest assured there is an abundance of destinations for you throughout France. The only problem is everyone is looking for the same thing, and with popularity comes an increase in price. But it isn’t like that all over the country. Great destinations such as Biarritz and the Drome still have the breathtaking scenery and wide open spaces as the other regions, but without the same cost.

Look for cheaper accommodation

The French market caters perfectly for family holidays and if you get a little creative and really investigate your options, there are great deals to be had. Rural French B&B’s are often much cheaper than their English equivalents and are great value for money, as are the many independently run campsites throughout the country.

Get looking online for deals

The holiday market has been completely transformed by the internet. You can scour the net for cheap holiday deals anywhere in the world, using any number of price comparison websites. Whatever form of accommodation you’re looking for, if you keep abreast of the action online there is huge scope to make considerable savings. Why not consider looking for all-inclusive accommodation? You may think this is reserved just for destinations like Spain and the Canary Islands, but you’d be wrong. More and more all-inclusive accommodation is becoming available in France. Have a look, and who knows what savings you could make.

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