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Indonesia or South Africa?

It’s that time of the year where I’m trying to figure out where my next backpacking destination will. I was initially planning to visit Indonesia in the spring but it seems that South Africa will also be a viable option. Decisions, Decisions! This is where I need your help!

My dilemma with Indonesia is that I’m not quite sure what are the best place to visit in the country. But that aside, I’m not sure if Indonesia is the best country to visit first in the island archipel. Should I visit Indonesia first? The Philippines? Or Malaysia? What do each of these countries have to offer? I don’t know!! With all these debates on Indonesia & Co, South Africa came to mind. After such a great experience in Tanzania last year, I’d love to return to Africa. South Africa is one of those must-see countries on the continent so why not make it my next destination?

Regardless of what country I’ll choose as my next backpacking destination, I like to have variety in all of my trips. Meaning that I would like to spend some time visiting cities and towns to get acquainted with the locals, traditions and culture. I then like to spend another few days  on some adventure. It normally varies on the country I’m in but I really enjoy being in the mountains. And then I like to spend another few days relaxing on the beach. It’s how I like to end my trips, ya know, all relaxed!

If you’ve traveled to any of these places, please share your tips and information on Indonesia and/or South Africa. All feedback is appreciated! A great way to check your next destination flight rates is by the  flight checker tool. It’s a great resource to check flight costs, before deciding on a trip.

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