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Too busy having a good time?

Simply wandering around the world with just a bag on your back is top – or damn near the top – of many travel-fanatics’ wish lists. What could be better than feasting all of your senses on every weird and wonderful corner of this globe for weeks on end? Not much, if you ask me, but what many don’t realise before they jet off is that backpacking can be very tiring indeed!

Travel time, for starters, can be a real killer. If you’re stuck on a train or in an airport for hours, it can start to get a little bit frustrating, especially if you’re hit with continuous delays. Pushing and shoving your way through bustling tourist hotspots might begin to drain you after a while, which might bring home comforts a-calling somewhat prematurely.

I’m not saying that traveling is too much – never! – but it’s only natural to get tired sometimes. In most major cities of the world, City Base Apartments have comfortable and altogether affordable resting places for you to put your feet up for the night and give yourself a well-needed thorough wash in the morning. A short-lived rest to break up the trip, if you feel it is necessary, of course, will also give you a chance to share your experiences with the world and catch up with friends and family.

Whether you need a break or not will obviously depend on how much time you have afforded yourself to travel the world. You might only begin to feel the urge for a nice comfortable bed if you are on a six-month-plus trip, during which you have spent three or four months on old, dirty, rock hard beds or rough, stony ground in various cities and towns of the world. If that’s the case, then you will be forgiven (I suppose) for wanting a good night’s sleep for once.

The world is a beautifully busy place and it is quite true that there is never enough time to see everything you want to see, but seven or eight hours of comfort won’t hurt if you’ve got seven or eight weeks of traveling to go.

When you feel the onset of travel fatigue or serious burn-out, stop, recharge your batteries and get out and see the rest of the world with your eyes wide open and not half closed!

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