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My HONEYMOON Destination… planning has began!

As the New Year approaches, more and more wedding stuff adds to my “to do list”. I am getting married September 22, 2012. I know the time will quickly creep on me, so planning is the first thing on my new years calendar. Even though there are many small things to get organized, I can’t stop thinking about the Honeymoon and where we should go!

When we first started talking about it, many people thought that we were planning way to far in advance for the honeymoon. However, I believe the honeymoon is by far the most exciting thing to plan out of the entire wedding planning. Maybe it’s because I love traveling – well I think it’s that for SURE!

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So as we look at the map, first we thought Central America; Costa Rica, Panama, or even Belize. We both have never been, so those destinations were sounding pretty good. But it wasn’t until I really thought about it more, that I decided a destination where little people from North American go, might be what we are looking for. I really want to explore a destination that was unknown or little explored to people in Canada or USA.

These are few destinations that I believe might be the perfect honeymoon escape.

  1. Isle de San Andres (Colombia island, but located near Costa Rica)
  2. Canary Islands (Isle de Tenerife, located near Morocco)
  3.  Tahiti / Cook Islands
  4. British Virgin Islands

What do you think?

A few of these destinations are slightly far away, but when it comes to a honeymoon I don’t think it matters too much. Plus these places aren’t overly expensive and since I will book a head of time. I can find some cheap holiday deals!

Our plan is to relax, explore, do a few adventure activities and overall enjoy a lovely scenery!!!!

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  • luxury honeymoon

    A truly incredible adventure, I bet it flew bye whilst you were on it. If only going on vacation for a year was a full time job! I went backpacking with my partner a few years ago around Europe and it was so incredible, we loved every second of our trip but it went bye far too quickly!


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