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Full Moon Party

What is it about a full moon party that attracts thousands of people per month? Well, it is said that sometime ago, backpackers found that the best time to sit on the beach and enjoy the scenery was when it was a full moon. The popular choice to sit on the beach and have a few drinks, shaped into a party where now over 10, 000 – 20,000 people attend the full moon parties in Thailand. People from all over the world travel to indulge in such as party and one of the best ways to get to Thailand is by cheap bangkok flights.The party usually begins at ducks and ends when the sunrises. No one is ever disappointed from the party since there is something for everyone, techno, reggae, commercial dance, and drum and bass. Every type of music is along the side of the beach and not to forget that the amount of entertainers on the beach is endless. With jugglers and fire-eaters, the crowds go wild and the atmosphere is one to experience. People say that the full moon party is magic and paradise in one evening.

Below I have included a few pictures of a full moon party that a friend of mine attends.

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