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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Singles

Ok so maybe valentine’s day is a little overrated but regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s a great day to appreciate those around you. Let it be your boyfriend, friends or family, take some time to contact them, see what’s up and share your love! To all the single people out there, why not organize a night out with friends? The last thing you want to do is stay home and be sad!

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Activities

  1. Chocolate Fondue: Enjoy a chocolate fondue with someone special (friend or family). My personal favorite is melting a Toblerone chocolate bar and dipping strawberries and bananas. YUM! You can’t go wrong!
  2. Spare a few hours and volunteer for a cause. If you’ve thought about volunteering, then just do it! It’s a great day to start and you won’t regret it because it’s so rewarding.
  3. Be spontaneous and try a new restaurant or watch an international movie alone or with friends. If you live in a city or town with limited choice of international restaurants, why not look for a recipe online and travel through cooking? Turn valentine’s day into a special day for you, doing something you want to do!
  4. Challenge yourself! Why not try a new class at the gym, go for a run, try baking or cooking for the first time? Challenge yourself to do something new for YOU because YOU are the most important person!
  5. Spend the day or evening with someone you don’t take enough time for on a regular basis. Your grandparents, your little cousins or nephews and nieces? You’ll definitely put a smile on their face and have a good time!

Don’t wait for others to turn this into a special day! Take charge and do something you want to do!

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