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Toronto filmmaker’s official indie-movie website launches!

In January, we featured the launch of the official Turysta trailer. Now, you get the real thing! Check out some really cool insights and a lot more interesting information on the official Turysta website.

The simple and elegant feel of the website showcases the aesthetic tone of the trailer and this “coming soon” picture. The main page – a “postcard themed image” of the main character (Marek Birner), beautifully portrays the essence of moving around, travelling and looking for identity – one of the film’s main themes, without using any words.

At the bottom, you will notice a panel with several sections. Below I have pointed out the key elements to look out for within in each section.

Trailer: The trailer appears automatically. If you click on the “watch the promo” icon underneath, you will be able to see a styled fashion promo made using a hip upbeat song – one of many great tunes presented in the films soundtrack.

Gallery: Here you can view pictures taken both, on and off set of actors posing, as well as just having a laugh and some fun between takes!

Cast: Here you can find interesting and unique bios for each person – both of the characters in the film, as well as the actors playing them.

Filmmakers: A look into the filmmaker’s bios and a list of their previous works. This also includes contact information.

About/Posters: Here you can view up to six different individual cast posters! They are absolutely striking visuals which have the possibility of being blown up into high resolution images. To view the high resolution images, click on them.

The About section closes the website with a word from the director – Tom Sokalski. There is a Facebook Icon link on the top right of the page where fans can follow Turysta as they proceed on their debut film journey heading into the coming festival season.

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