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Hiking Mount Ararat in Turkey

If you’re looking for some adventure on a dormant volcano, look no further than Turkey. 1,500 km southeast from bustling markets of Istanbul  sits the highest mountain in Turkey,  Mount of Agri and its Ararat peak at 5, 137m, a paradise for mountaineering climbers in the region.  Mount Agri is between the cities of Agri and Igdir, right by the borders of Iran and Armenia, consider a car hire in Turkey. Although Ararat isn’t as high as some of highest peaks of the world such as Everest, Anaconda and Kilimanjaro, it still offers a challenging hike because of how steep the hike is. Various tour companies offer 3-6 day hikes, depending on your fitness level. Most hiking tour normally includes a day of acclimatization and begin at an altitude of 2,200m. If  you’re not in the best fitness level or if it’s your first big hike, you can increase your chances of reaching the summit by extending your days on the mountain. It will give your body more time to acclimatize and this is what you should aim for. Above average fitness level will not always get you to the summit because there are always other factors to consider in mountaineering, primarily how your body adapts to altitude and the weather.

 The hike is most enjoyable during the summer months of July to September since the temperature is warmer. But do keep in mind that there is snow on the peak all year round so be ready to wear crampons and dress properly. Winter months translate to really cold and unpredictable weather. Regardless of what time of year to chose to hike the mountain, keep in mind that weather can be unpredictable and you will have to adapt.

And who says you can’t learn some history during your climb? Hiking Mount Ararat also make you feel closer to history since it’s where Noah landed his Ark according to the bible.

Courtesy of Nick Di Tomaso.

Getting There & Around

Getting to Mount Ararat is easy whether you  are considering renting a car, traveling by bus or by plane. Most roads in Turkey are in good condition although you may encounter some under construction. No worries, just give yourself enough time to travel. Traveling by car is the best way to see a country because it gives you the flexibility to stop where you want on the way. If you prefer to be less adventurous, you can always consider taking an internal flight to neighbouring the town of Dogubeyazit. Internal airline carriers include Atlasjet, Fly Air, Onur Air, Pegasus Airline, Sun Express Airlines and of course, Turkish Airlines.

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