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Menorca; Summer hot spot for Europeans

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Just off the coast of Spain a small island called Menorca is known for one of the best summer vacation spots within Europe. Many Europeans flock to this island because of its sandy golden beaches, clear turquoise waters, and it’s spectacular scenery across the countryside. But to find the best, quiet little corners of the island, where most tourists miss out on is by hiring a car. For car hire in Menorca, it’s all pretty easy. All you need is a driver’s license. With a small map of the local roads you can uncover the island’s beautiful hidden coves, local villages, 18-century churches, and green rolling hills.

Menorca is the second largest island out of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Every year the island continues to grow in population, but as of now there are about 68,000 people living there fulltime. It’s an island perfect for families to enjoy not only a beach day, but also by exploring historical sites and learning its history. The oldest town and once capital of Menorca called Citadella is a township filled with historical tourist attractions and thousands of paths to walk around and discover. Not only does centuries of history run along these beautiful coastlines, but also does small fishing villages. On the northern shorelines of the island many quiet fishing villages exist. Where lobster and delicious seafood is high in quantity and its the local’s favourite feast to eat after a busy workday. Just a few villages over, there lays a perfect place for those who are nightlife lovers. A very popular nightclub called Cova D’en Xoroi is located inside of a cave and is now among the top hot spots on the island to enjoy some Spanish music. With so much to see and do, no wonder the Europeans love this summer vacation destination.

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