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Sun, Bathe and Party in Benidorm, Spain

Say flamenco, paella and ceviche and everyone will scream out Spain! Almost everyone can agree that Spain is a country full of culture. But as you travel south to the beach area, you’ll probably meet more British than Spaniards. Benidorm is one of the most popular beach resorts along the Spanish coast, along with other renowned places such as Marbella, Malaga and Torremolinos. There is certainly a reason flocks of European tourists go on Benidorm holidays regularly.

Benidorm is located between Barcelona and Alicante in Marina Baixa. In the last few decades, the town of approx 70,000 residents transformed itself into a tourist bustling resort town with hotels and skyscrapers along the 6km long coastal beaches. Similarly to other coastal towns in Spain, most tourists come from the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands since hotels began offering “all-inclusive” packages, packages North Americans are all too familiar with. I would compare a town like this to one in Mexico because they’re both in developed countries but do have specific town designated to tourism only.

Nerja, Spain

It’s the perfect place if you’re looking for sun, beach, party and lots of tourists. There are multiple bars and cabaret acts in Benidorm so you can easily be entertained. But if you’re looking for some quiet time, I’d suggest you reconsider Benidorm because you may be disappointed. If you don’t enjoy a beach surrounded by hotels or tourists, consider a smaller town in Spain such as Nerja. Of course, you will find tourists there but it’s a quaint little beach in Costa del Sol.

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