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Bye Bye Montreal, Hello South Africa!

Departure time for South Africa has finally arrived. I can’t believe it! The last few months have been so hectic that I didn’t have time to be excited about this trip. But I must admit that today, March 3rd, I am happy to be leaving for the airport and to be sitting on a plane in just a few hours. South Africa, oh boy am I ready for you!

Am I ready for this trip? I guess my answer would be yes and no. Yes because I am always ready for new adventures. No because I didn’t have time to really plan this trip and it takes away some of the fun of it. But I guess that as long as I have a car booked, I’m all set! The rest can be planned along the way.

What am I looking forward to the most? Well, I must admit that I do have some expectations of Drakensberg. I’m really excited to be camping in the middle of Drakensberg for a few nights. I love the feeling of being away from everyone. It makes me appreciate everyone and everything  so much more! And it’s so peaceful. I’m also really looking forward to spending a few nights in Bulungula on the wild coast. It’s a somewhat remote beach and the thought of chilling and doing nothing right now is exciting! Am I crazy? Lastly, I’m also excited for Cape Town because I’ve heard great things about it. I’m secretly hoping that the city will remind me of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

It felt so good to write this post, you have no idea! It’s the first time since I booked my flight in early January that I’m really excited and looking forward to this experience. It’s funny what the corporate world can do to you. This is why I appreciate my backpacking trips so much more!

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  • Licia Azevedo

    Hey Tanya,

    How is your trip going? The other day I had a dream that you’ve had to come to work in the middle of your vacation. Yes, you can call it nightmare!
    I hope you are having so much fun. And a little comment: you won’t find anything like Rio! It’s unique. Sorry to disappoint you!

    Have fun!

    • Tanya C

      Hey! Trip is going really well! So far. I will have a few adventures to tell you! And no, the last place I want to be is work right now! I’ll be in Cape Town on Tuesday so I will confirm soon! I’m willing to put my hand in the fire that it will be similar to Rio. Ha! ;)

  • Utma

    Hi !!!! You will love cape town ….. Have a great trip !!!!!


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