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Cheap Car Hire Turkey

One of the main reasons why it is worth investing in a car hire when travelling is due to the possibilities it opens up for you and convenience.

Before embarking on your trip, if you are planning to visit multiple cities of your chosen destination, being independently mobile is your best option.

Turkey is a country lying geographically in both Europe and Asia. In fact, its largest city – Istanbul, is the only metropolis in the world situated in both continents, divided by the Bosphorus Straight.

When it comes to car rental in Turkey, the country offers great car services and deals at many locations, not only in the major cities.

Due to the countries vast area (roughly 785,000 km2) and dense population of approximately 75 million people, cars are the main form of transportation for both personal and business needs.

Turkey has an enormous amount of drivers and not the best road conditions; hence this may result in a lot of traffic, especially at peak hours in large cities such as Istanbul or the capital – Ankara.

Car hire is a major business locally, and many services offer cheap car hire in Turkey.

As a word of advice, regardless of your driving experience, always keep in mind to be extra cautious when driving a rental. Do not let unconventional driving standards and mediocre road conditions in Turkey surprise you in a negative way.

In general, Turkey car hire is the best way for you to visit many of the popular attractions the country has. Additionally, it allows you to drive around and shop – bargaining with the local merchants for leather, a carpet, rug or anything else that may catch your eye.

Cheap car hire also allows you to explore the remains of ancient cities such as: Esphesus, Pergamon and Troy all located on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea stretching from north to south.

Here is a short list of several recommended car rental providers (based on online user opinions) offering their services in Turkey:

1. Pandora Car Hire – Dalaman

2. FASTCarhire

3. Ege Rent a Car

4. Ascar

5. Explora

Remember, to book your cheap car hire in Turkey early, best before your flight. This will allow you to get the best deal and avoid any unnecessary waiting or interruptions after arrival. If you’re already deciding to rent a car, why not get everything booked and prepaid cheaper before heading out. After arriving, just pick up your keys at the airport car hire provider and set out to explore the beautiful ancient country of Turkey!

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