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7 Less Visited Countries and Why They’re Worth Visiting

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1. Tuvalu: The smallest country in the world, Tuvalu is an island in the South Pacific, and if the sea level rose just a bit, it would probably disappear. Even though it is a British Commonwealth country, citizens still speak their own language. The country uses the Australian dollar, but it’s easy to use travel checks here. If you want a tropical island vacation without the hassle of other tourists as well as the ability to say you’ve been to the world’s smallest country, Tuvalu is a great destination for you.

2. Sao Tome and Principe: This developing Portuguese nation is off of Central Africa’s western coast. The official language is Portuguese, and according to the US Department of State, not many Sao Tomeans speak English. The islands have some tourist facilities, but they get only a few tourists each year. The location is great for quiet beaches and some good scuba diving.

3. Bhutan: Although nearby Nepal is similar to Bhutan and offers similar attractions, getting into this country can be tough, due to the daily minimum spending requirements for tourists. If you want a visa to get into Bhutan, the official government tourism website says that you must spend at least $200 per day in January, February, June, July, August, and December and at least $250 per day in all other months. The fee includes all taxes, accommodations, meals, internal transport, camping equipment if you want to explore the wilderness, and a Butanese tour guide. The entire country is kind of like its own exclusive resort.

4. Mauritania: Mauritania sees much less tourist traffic than other West African countries, but it invites adventurous travelers with its wild landscapes, including gorgeous coasts, the most amazing dunes on the planet, and beautiful canyons. If you want a place to enjoy beautiful beaches without worrying about other travelers, Mauritania’s protected national seashore is most certainly the place to be.

5. Moldova: According to the US Department of State, Moldova has plenty of amenities in the capital, Chisinau, but less in the outlying areas, where things like credit card machines haven’t made it big yet. The main reason many tourists visit Moldova is the wine industry, which offers a huge variety of winery tours. The beautiful pastoral land around the wineries and cities are worth visiting, as well, and many of the smaller villages, though they don’t offer the best tourist accommodations, feature authentic food and welcoming locals.

6. Estonia: This is the smallest of the Baltic countries, and it attracts adventurous tourists with beautiful little villages and natural attractions like marshlands, forests, and coasts. There are plenty of historic things to see in Estonia, as well as lots of places to enjoy local foods and good company. Estonia is becoming more popular among well-versed European travelers, but it’s still not the most touristy nation in the Baltic.

7. Saba: This small country under the control of the Netherlands is located in the Caribbean. Though it doesn’t have the white sand beaches of some other Caribbean islands, it does offer gorgeous views of dramatic, rocky beaches, as well as some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Saba also has some great inland attractions, including a giant volcano. If you want the Caribbean without the overdone resorts, this is a great location option.

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