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The Lesser Known Hiking Trails Of Japan

People have explored pretty much every corner of the world, and where you can travel, you can backpack. There is almost no stone unturned, it’s true, but there are still some places that fewer backpackers have ventured as they are off the main travellers’ routes.

Japan is a case in point, and even more so, the government constructed hiking trails that run up and down the Japanese countryside.

So, if you happen to have Japan on your round the world itinerary, make sure you get out of Tokyo and go off and explore some of the beautiful Japanese countryside while you can. Flying to Japan direct is usually something people rarely do, unless they’re going on business. If you’re there as part of a bigger trip, you should make the most of it, as you may not ever get to visit this beautiful country again.

The Nature Trails are really popular with the Japanese people, but few tourists have ever heard of them. Nine trails cover a distance of 26,000km combined. Established in the 1970s by a government who wanted to encourage exercise and better fitness amongst its people, the trails are today maintained by individual prefectures. You can break the distances up into day trek sections and it’s easy to reach the trails using public transport.

You can also find places to camp within striking distance of the Nature Trails. However, you may not always be well placed to find a shop easily where there are tents for sale, so it’s best to bring all your camping equipment with you. As well as a tent and sleeping bag, you’ll also need good quality clothing that is comfortable for hiking in.

Whatever season you’re travelling through Japan in, womens or mens waterproof jackets are essential items. You definitely don’t want to get caught out in the rain – as drying your clothes out in a tent is no fun at all!

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