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The Best European Pubs to Enjoy Your Drink This Summer

In summer, many people prefer to hang out in a pub or bar and treat themselves with a refreshing drink. This is also their favourite pastime with friends and family. This article has listed the top-notch places across Europe where drinks are served with immense love and a number of unique attractions.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St. Albans, UK

This is an age-old pub in the UK that belongs to the ancient Egyptian era when the workers used to accept payment in beer only for building pyramids. This is the oldest pub in England and still attracts a large number of crowds even today. Even though cock-fighting is no longer allowed in the main bar area of this 550 years old pub, at one time it used to be the highlight of a Friday night. Even today, the pub visitors, can enjoy the beer garden found at the backyard where they are served with daily beer specials. People can also spend their night at any of its 8 traditional lodgings.

The Stag’s Head in Dublin, Ireland

This is the most favourite place for the students of the nearby Trinity College who love to hang out here after the classes.

In its earlier days, the pub used to run a popular music hall business within the quarters. Even today, the visitors of the pub can enjoy the traditional Irish folk music from live musicians. You can still see a small parlor lounge behind the main bar where once upon a time, the criminals and politicians used to meet for a smoke and some secret dealings.

The Potting Shed in Munich, Germany

People of Germany enjoy their pubs just as the residents of any other country and at the Potting Shed brewpub in Munich you can order for a delightful cocktail made with fresh Cachaca, a Brazilian sugar cane, or a Cucumber Martini. You may have experienced live music shows at a number of bars before , but a magic show is something unique that is presented for the visitors in this place. You will surely appreciate the entertainment value of the magic show.

Highlander Pub in Rome, Italy

Amongst all the popular European pubs with historic values, the Pub Crawl of Highlander Pub in Rome is something to go crazy about. This is considered as the biggest place to party in Italy. The pub features open bar, regular beer pong events, and a huge flow of beer to put anyone out. At some point of time, you may realise where the name of the bar event came from as you will find people crawling around after a few pegs. The party hoppers will be charged a flat rate for all-you-can-drink specials, fresh Roman pizza, and several games and dance floors for one night. This is the perfect place for people who are looking to enjoy a night for wild fun.

Le China in Paris, France

Want to know about the best pub in France? Well, there are many, but one will be surely impressed with the fantastic drink menu of the Le China in Paris and is the best place for gentlemen. The 5 star pub features the longest bar in the city as well as the red Shanghai-style walls. Its cigar bar is the place to enjoy red wine or you can go upstairs to the cellar and enjoy live jazz music and a Poire William, the famous pear-flavored brandy drink. All these create a romantic environment for you.

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