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Top 10 Things to Do When You Are Celebrating Bachelor Party in Vegas

Bachelor parties are fun and happening. For decades, Vegas has been an attraction for everyone who wants to have a bachelor party. One of the most happening cities around the world, it is known for the glamour, colors, and night life. It hosts the maximum number of bachelor parties every year.

If you are also planning on celebrating your bachelor party in Vegas, then you don’t need to take inspiration from ‘The Hangover’ or ‘Swingers’. Here are 10 things to do when celebrating a bachelor party in Vegas.

Plan Ahead

The first thing to do is to plan wisely, under your budget. Vegas is a wild city and one often goes over budget, thanks to the glittering expensive casinos and hot women. Always plan your budget properly and divide it right. The first planning step is hiring the services of an expert bachelor party organizer. Go for the package that suits you best. Things that need planning include the place you want to visit, the duration, the invitation list, and the budget!

Invite Friends

The success of your party depends on the people you go with. Only invite those who you really want to be there with you. Don’t have any extras to spoil the fun for you. Also, don’t forget to invite your childhood friends. It’s your time; call all your friends from your school, college, and work.  It is time to catch up and have fun.

Make sure you give all the necessary details and not leave any vague information. It is always good to conjure up a plan with your friends, to avoid any trouble.

The Reservations

It is important to have things in advance. You will have to reserve tickets for yourself and all your friends. Travel agencies can take that entire burden upon them and get you on board.

Along with the tickets, you will need a hotel to have fun. Do your research to find the most suitable and affordable hotel, as a huge chunk of money always goes in paying for the accommodation.

Choose the Venue Carefully

The venue should be chosen carefully. Not just the hotel, but also the ‘other’ stuff. You can take expert advice from companies that are known for providing these services. Even online websites are providing excellent counseling services regarding bachelor parties. They have the experience and the knowledge to make the trip memorable.

Dance and Music

Go Wild! No bachelor party is complete without some rocking music. You can hire a DJ to add more color to the party. Music and dance go hand in hand. How can any party be complete without some dancing?

Vegas is full of gorgeous women, all one has to do is play the charmer. Enjoy your time dancing with gorgeous ladies.


Vegas has the most lavish casinos. It’s known all around the world for those. Gambling is almost every man’s idea of fun. It does not matter if you make a few extra dollars or lose some. Make sure you have fun!

Beer and Alcohol

How can you say no to booze? Nothing better than tasting the beer with your boys. Many breweries have beer tasting campaigns that are very inexpensive, and often free.

Hire a Chauffeur

This is very important. If a rental, with a driver, isn’t a part of your bachelor trip, then you are going to have some trouble. You can’t drive after getting drunk. Keep a rental car with yourself at all hours; or, at least, save the number in your phone to call one, when needed.

Roam Around

Roaming around is another thing you should do. The city has its own beauty, which cannot be enjoyed just by staying indoors. Get to know people and the highlife in Vegas. Enjoy food, massage services, and make the best out of your time.

Have Fun

Let your hair down and don’t let anything stop you. This is the most important thing to do when celebrating a bachelor party in Vegas. Have fun, worry about nothing… and live!

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    wow most useless and generic article i have ever read. written by girl who has most likely never been to a bachelor party in vegas, maybe not even vegas. tips include plan, drink beer, go to a casino and dance. oh and have fun- im glad i wrote it all down, i never wouldve thought to go to a casino in vegas!

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      Sorry to hear you didn’t like this post Jay. Just keep in mind that some of our readers are looking for basic travel information. We try to cater our posts to all our travel groups. Cheers!

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